Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Next Step

Hi All,
I'm ready for the next step... I think...

I'm really excited to announce that I am working on setting up my first ever Knitting Retreat. We are starting it small as a 2 day Knitting Event. We aren't offering an over night retreat yet. We are keeping it small to only 20 people and keeping it at beginner level with the projects being a coaster and dishcloth. But it is a start and I am super excited.

This week I am attending a retreat so I can get the feel of how one runs. I feel like I need to learn so much, but at the same time I feel that I have the instincts to pull it off.

The quilt shop that I work in has been carrying yarn for several months. We are testing out to see if we can sell enough yarn to justify the yarn being in its own shop. I just got the numbers and the yarn is about 10% of the shop sells... Not enough yet... maybe in a year...

If you haven't been to Hamilton, Missouri and experienced the Missouri Star Quilt Shop experience then you are missing out. Even if you are not a quilter, it is an amazing business and story. This September they will be having the 8th annual Birthday Bash. Do you know what that means.. It means they have only been in business for 8 years, and they have turned this little town into the Quilt Shop Mecca. Currently there are 13 shops all dedicated to an individual theme. I work in the Primitive and Wool shop. Let me take a moment to explain... The shop I work in, also has yarn, so, often times you will hear me introduce it as the Primitive and Wool with Yarn Shop. Basically, it's because I'm a knitter, I love yarn, and I feel that people will miss the yarn if they don't know it's here.

I've been working hard designing new patterns and working in the quilt shop. I'm not sure what my knitting future holds right now, but I do know I am a Shop Supervisor, and Knitter and we are planning our first retreat.

My wonderfully amazing husband is about to set out on a new adventure. We are buying a food truck. He has turned in his notice at his job and he is going to set out to be his own boss and make some amazing food. I can't say that I am not nervous about this, but I have faith in my husband, and I know his cooking. Everything should be alright!