Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Place to Buy Yarn

Yep that's right!

Here is a picture of Stephen testing out the snowflake earflap hat in the shop.

I'm excited to share that Missouri Star Quilt Company is now selling yarn!

Okay so I'm a little more excited than the average person because I work at MSQC and I get to work with the yarn!

They have started out with a small selection of Lion Brand and Plymouth. However, I have a feeling it is going to grow. From the time I started knitting I have dreamed of owning a yarn store. I made business plans and contacted buyers, but it just didn't work out. Now I have the opportunity to work in a quilt shop that has yarn. It is (to quote my 19 year old son) "FANTASTIC".

If you scroll down to the Primitive & Wool Section you will see the yarn in the picture!

This is so cool!

Also remember you can purchase the yarn online as well!