Saturday, July 18, 2015

It can happen!

It can happen...
In all the rush to pack up our firework tent after the 4th of July my second set of socks disappeared. I have a firm belief they are in the trailer waiting until next year when we unpack. So... With that being said its time for me to dig out another pair of needles and accoutrements and start something new.

I rummaged through all may cubbies and hiding holes and I was amazed to find a sweater I started almost two years ago. Even more amazed I'd forgot about it. I pulled it out to find I was at the end and all I had to do was bind off and block. What the heck!! I can only chalk that up to pregnancy brain. I casted off and now I have a lucky pair of needles to use to start a new project.

I've finally had time to read the Summer 2015 Interweave Knits magazine and found a headband I wanted to try and knit. I grabbed a ball of purple yarn and threw it all in a plastic shopping bag as I headed out the door to go to our cabin for the weekend.

I'm here now and I'm not sure how much knitting I'm going to get done. Our cabin was hit by high winds and flash flooding and we have a lot of clean up. Basically what was the gravel road leading to our cabin is now up against our porch. A green mold has covered all fabric surface and dirt and dust is every place.

My only salvation is I know I have a 2 hour ride home on Sunday. That is prime knitting time.